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Halloween Shakes To Die For...

16th October 2018

Sblended Milkshakes Valentines Promotion 2019

Think you're brave enough to try our Halloween shakes...we'll be careful, they're to die for...

28 DAIMS LATER is, as the name suggests a Daim Bar Shake covered in lashings of Whipped Scream & ghastly Gummy Brains covered in Blue Zombie Blood Sauce. 

Strawberry Blood Sauce drips from White Chocolate Skulls and Whipped Scream on our Strawberry Millions WHITEMARE ON ELM SWEET Shake whilst Strawberry Blood Sauce splatters the Psycho Gummy Masks & Marshmallow of our Freaky Jaffa Cake Bar shake the MALLOWEEN!

Try them if you dare...

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