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Dead good shakes, everyone's dying to get their hands on...

16th October 2019

Everyone's dying to get their hands on our DEAD GOOD SHAKES this Halloween, so don't miss out, get down to your nearest sblended before they've all been devoured!!!

Who ya gunna call...'GOO'STBUSTERS! You'll be calling our Goostbusters Halloween shake the most frightfully good shake you've ever tasted...a Cadbury Goo Head Shake that has been smothered with Mini Marshmalloween's & Mini Cadbury Goo Heads whilst also dripping in Ghostly Blue Bubblegum Ectoplasm Sauce...disgustingly gorgeous!

If you prefer something else to get your teeth into, why not try our 'MINT'ERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE Halloween Shake, a very scary concoction of Sc'aero' Mint, Whipped Scream & Dracula Gummy Fangs that drip with Strawberry Blood Sauce.

If you feel haunted by the thought of our previous offerings then why not exercise your demons by indulging in our third & final Halloween treat... the EX'OREO'CIST Halloween Shake, a screamfest of Cookies & Scream & Whipped Scream topped with Mini Oreo Vampire Bites & Black Magic Chocolate Sauce.

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