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"u'r sblended" Loyalty Card...

15th April 2019

Sblended Milkshakes Valentines Promotion 2019

Introducing our new "u'r sblended" loyalty card, a new and refreshing take on loyalty rewards. Pick up a card from any participating Sblended store and register it here. Then, simply scan it every time you spend in-store and you will earn points. For every full £1 you spend, you’ll receive 10 points. For example £3.30 would result in 30 points, however £4.00 would equal 40 points. The more you spend, the more you are rewarded. Each 1 point is worth £0.01 to spend in store. So 10 points would equal £0.10. 30 points would equal £0.30 and so on. The only condition on redeeming is that points must be redeemed against a full price menu item (including promotions but excluding soft drinks). For example, if you hold 50 points, you wouldn’t be able to deduct 50p from a milkshake worth £3.30, however, you would be able to use this against a topping worth 50p. We'll even send you a free reward on your Birthday so don't delay, get down to your nearest Sblended store and pick up "u'r sblended" loyalty card.

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