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Christmas Milkshakes...

07th December 2021

🎄Christmas🎄has come early as we’ve got 3 amazing gifts In-store for you with our festive Christmas Milkshakes:

COOL YULE ❄️ Cadbury Caramilk Shake, Whipped Cream, Aero Snowbubbles & Salted Caramel Sauce

SAUCY SANTA 🎅🏻 Ferrero Rocher Shake, Whipped Cream, Crushed Nuts Kit Kat Santa & Toffee Sauce

MINTER WONDERLAND ☃️ Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Mint Crisp Shake, Whipped Cream, Mint Chocolate Malteser Reindeer & Chocolate Sauce

In all stores until 2nd January

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