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Shake A Wish Come True...

1st December 2018

Sblended Milkshakes Valentines Promotion 2019

Shake A Wish Come True This Christmas when you choose any of our festive flavoured shakes! Wish for a chocolate orange shake and we will make your dream come true with our deliciously zingy Matchmaker Terry's Chocolate Orange shake topped with Chocolate Orange Matchmakers, Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sauce.

Wish for a Toffifee inspired shake and we'll make your wish come true with our Toffifee Ferrero Rocher shake topped with Whipped Cream, Toffifee Pieces & Toffee Sauce. O.K, so you've had two've got one left!

What will it be...of course, you wish for a Malteser shake and your wish is our command with our Merryteaser Malteser shake with Whipped Cream, Merryteaser Reindeer & Caramel Sauce. Shake your wishes come true this Christmas. 

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