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The New Sblended Menu Refreshed...

27th April 2022

A Refreshing Change...

So, whilst not a complete overhaul of our menu we have made a few considered changes...namely the addition of several new products & ingredients and cool redesign...a refresh, if you will!

By far our most popular offering has always been our Moovie Shakes. Their popularity with our customers is such that it lead us to think why not theme some of our other popular shakes around similar genres. With the addition of some new ingredients and the removal of less popular sellers the new

"Moosic" & "Moovie Star" Shakes were born. Combining confectionery ingredients with popular Music and Movie Star names gave us some great ideas for our Milkshakes like the " Buenodict Cumberbatch" or our personal favourite, the"Aribanana Grande" 😂

Our Smoothie offering remains as popular as ever so it just made sense to add a new flavour to the collection, the "Passion Storm,"a tropical combination of Passion Fruit, Papaya, Pineapple, Peach, Guave & Aloe Vera.🌴☀️

Due to popular demand we now also offer a Vegan option for any customer wishing to order a Vegan Milkshake. Using a Soya, Dairy & Nut free Vegan Ice Cream & Gluten free Oat Milk we are now able to offer a full complement of Vegan Milkshakes. Not only have we made these additions but we've also created a Vegan set menu to include three named Vegan Shakes; the "Top Banana" a Banana shake with Peanut Butter & Nuts top, the "Speculotus" a Lotus Biscoff shake with Caramel and Lotus Biscoff top and last but not least, the "Tutti Frutti" a Skittles shake with Strawberry sauce and Strawberry Millions top 😋

Finally, we couldn't do a refresh without creating some new Moovie Shakes to add to the menu. Check out the menu image above for all new additions, we recommend the, "Kinderella," as the name suggests a mouth watering combination of Kinder Bueno, Lotus Biscoff, Whipped Cream & Marshmallow Top...beware though, it turns into a pumpkin 🎃 shake after midnight...enjoy!

Available in all stores now.

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