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The Euroversion Shake Contest...

9h May 2023

Go Bananas...

Calling all Eurovision lovers! 😻🤩 In homage to this year's wonderful event we've created our own EuroVersion Shake contest promo milkshake just for you! Introducing our delicious Go Bananas shake! 🍌🍦 This mouth-watering creation is made with our signature Banana Shake, topped with fluffy whipped cream, crunchy blue tutti frutti bits, and sweet foam bananas. 😋🍨 So head to your nearest Sblended milkshake store today and go bananas with us! 🍌🎉 #Sblended #GoBananas #EuroVersionShakeContest #Milkshakes #SblendedMilkshakes #eurovision

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